University of Applied Sciences for Public Administration and management of North Rhine-Westphalia

Approximately 7.300 students are trained at FhoeV NRW to become public servants, at the biggest of Germany`s around 30 universities of applied sciences for Public Administration.

About us

All three-year bachelor programmes are “dual-track” programmes divided up into stages that cover theory and practice and dovetail with each other.  Hands-on training ensures that recruits can be assigned to their first job immediately after graduating.
FHOEV NRW`s administrative head office is located in Gelsenkirchen in the heart of the “Ruhrgebiet” urban area. The college has de-centralised premises in Cologne, Duisburg, Gelsenkirchen, Dortmund, Hagen, Bielefeld and Muenster.  
FHOEV NRW offers five degree courses in two faculties:

Police (B.A)

Roughly 60 % of the students are trained to be future policemen and –women in North Rhine-Westphalia.

General Public Administration (LL.B., B.A., MPM)

The student`s  future employment is situated in local communities (like the urban administration of the city of Cologne) or the regional government of North Rhine-Westphalia.

Degree Courses

Bachelor of Arts/B.A. programme, ‘Police’
Bachelor of Laws/LL.B. programme, ‘Public Service (General)’
Bachelor of Laws/LL.B. programme, ‘Public Administration (Local Government)’
Bachelor of Arts/B.A. programme, ‘Public Sector (Local Government) Business Administration’
LL.B. programme, ‘Statutory Pensions Administration’
Master Programme, ‘Master of Public Management’ MPM